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*Terms & Condition 

well to Santo Pilon Nestle we are developing infrastructure since 2009 and having experience in the same field worldwide and for that same we have connected with may peoples, governments, and agencies also companies to gathering information to doing particular production or infrastructure regarding for proposed and undergone projects for all this matter we are strictly follow the rules and regulations of local and national laws by attending whole legal format and bound under whole need full terms and condition as per requirement for the proposed projects. so for that same when ever need to be understand our terms and condition please  check that documentation same as needed and you will be get it from our side without any delay.


all the terms and condition will be in the benefits of company Santo Pilon Nestle and their entity safety so before willing to go ahead with our company or that work out please confirm all the terms and condition with us by yourself in writing. 

Terms & Conditions for pre investment booking

Every single residence is imbued with the essence of true ultra-luxury, with an array of included amenities that are simply unparalleled.


  • Food to Travel,

  • Education to E vehicle,

  • Clothes to Provision,

  • Safety to Insurance,

  • Amenities to 7 star life styl,

  • Home appliances to Furniture,

  • Interio to super strong 'I' fram structure.


All are include in under indicated Pre-Investment Booking price but

(Registry + Light + Auda + GST (5%) + Gas + 8% of MRP at time of Purchase. Maintenance + legal Extra)


Terms and conditions apply to participating in this program. It is essential to read and understand these terms before proceeding with the registration process. Failure to comply with the terms outlined may result in disqualification from the program.


  • To secure a booking, a deposit of at least 5% is required in advance.

  • of the total cost as an initial payment. When commencing the construction, an upfront payment of 25% of the entire MRP is mandatory.

  • Should the initial deposit of 25% not be settled within a month of receiving our payment request, the reserved unit will be made available for purchase by another client.

  • Next, we shall proceed to provide a final notification wherein we inform the concerned party that the company has cancelled the unit they had previously booked.

  • If the same unit is returned due to inability to deposit 25% within the given time, the first party will receive their token back. Additionally, they will receive a yearly 12% interest based on the duration their payment stayed with us as Pre-Investment Booking tokens.

  • You need to pay the remaining 70% through monthly installments for a period of up to 120 months.

  • Commence the construction work and ensure to set aside a monthly sum equating to 1% of the MRP for the forthcoming 30 months towards settlement of EMI.

  • In the succeeding next 90 months, a 0.34% equated monthly installment (EMI) calculated against the maximum retail price (MRP) will be due after a prior period of 30 months.

  • EMI payments do not accrue any interest.

  • If you fail to pay any of your EMI charges on time, you will incur a 5% penalty on the outstanding EMI amount.

  • In case of selling the party before acquiring possession, they are required to make a payment of 30% to the company of the maximum retail price at the time of sale.

  • In case the Party intends to resell the unit they possess before the EMI tenure is over, they will be required to pay to the company a percentage between 10% to 5% of the unit's MRP.

  • Various payment modes such as Demand Draft, Cheque, Wire Transfer, and Foreign Direct Investment are acceptable by the company

  • It is also possible to make payment in cash. In such a scenario, the company will issue a deposit voucher for the equivalent amount that was paid.

  • In the event of having to pay tax for CASH payments, the tax amount will be shared equally at a 50-50 percent ratio between the company and the party involved.

  • If the client fails to make their agreed EMI payments, the company has the authority to resell the unit and recover any remaining balance that may be owed up to the current date. Only the amount demanded by the company will not be refunded to the client, and any extra funds will be returned.

  • The token, EMI, or investment amount paid by the client will remain unchanged until 72 hours have passed since deposit. Refunds may not be available immediately thereafter.

  • The company will transfer the deposited funds to the appropriate project after the completion of the 72-hour waiting period. The client can only recover their deposit if the company has obtained another deposit from a different depositor, investor, or client for the same objective as the original client's deposit.

  • "The availability of community facilities and personal property may vary depending on project feasibility and current market, social and economic conditions as well as unforeseeable events."

  • As a client, investor or depositor, it is imperative that you carefully read and comprehend all the terms and conditions before proceeding with your actions. Failure to do so could potentially result in adverse consequences. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that you have a complete understanding of the terms and conditions before continuing.

  • Ahmedabad,Gujarat in India is the sole jurisdiction for seeking legal remedies.




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